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 Moon Crew Offical FAQ (Must read)

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PostSubject: Moon Crew Offical FAQ (Must read)   Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:15 pm

What is the Moon Crew?

The Moon Crew is an organization of people who work together to increase the recognition of Moon Man's greatness throughout the YTMND and other corners of the internet.

Who is Moon man?

Moon man is the most awesome being to ever exist. He also is the greatest and most awesome fad on YTMND, although some enemies of the crew deny this truth.

What is Moon Speak?

Moon Speak is a language Moon man occasionally speaks. It is a very complicated and complex language that is widely considered the hardest language to learn. Only Moon man has fluency in it. It usually sounds like gibberish when spoken, and looks like gibberish when typed (example:wiejfirejf uueeegg bulaiiok quezrer).

Where does Moon man live?

Moon man lives in his Moon Palace, which is located in Moon Land. Moon Land is a glorious Moonopolis hidden within the Moon. It is said that on the Moon lies a secret entrance to this wonderful land. Moon man also owns some property in McDonald Land, which he occasionally stays at.

What is Moon man's relation towards McDonald's?

Moon man starred in one of their ad campaigns. He rode around around one of his many magical pianos and sang songs about McDonald's delicious food and good prices. Many people still call him "Mac Tonight", although that was just a false Moniker he used for the ads.

Why should I join the Moon Crew?

By joining the Moon Crew you will receive protection from downvoters, as well as plenty of upvotes and other forms of site support. You will also become involved in the planning and actions of the Moon Crew, and enjoy your status as part of the greatest organization that has ever frequented YTMND.

How do I join the Moon Crew?

Quite simple, all you must do is create 5 Moon man sites. Then, you must send me a message by using either this forum's pm system, or ytmnd's pm system. In this message you must include the links to your 5 moon man sites, which will be examined.

What constitutes a Moon man site?

Any site with Moon man in it. You do not have to worry about it not being a "classic style" moon man site, so feel free to be creative.

So I could make a site in which Moon man talks about how much he loves to gargle the semen of his nigger overlords, and it would still count as a Moon man site in your bookkk?

NO! If you did that you would be making a "moonman" site, which has nothing to do with Moon man. Except of course for moonman's and Moon man's similar appearance. moonman sites are frequently 1'd by the crew, where as Moon man sites are 5'd.

Oh I see. Tell me more about this "moonman"

moonman (pronounced MOO-NEM-ANN) is Moon man's evil doppelganger. He looks exactly like Moon man, but has none of Moon man's awesome qualities or powers. moonman is always out to soil Moon man's reputation. moonman pretends to be Moon man in a site, and then starts to promote horrible things like "diversity", "faggotry", and "tolerance". moonman is a menace that must be stopped. Thankfully, his actions and words clearly reveal him as moonman and not Moon man, although some people still get fooled.

What is a mooniverse?

A mooniverse is an alternate universe that has its own Moon man. The mooniverse's Moon man could be only slightly different than that of another mooniverse's Moon man, or he could be radically different. When you make a Moon man site you are using the Moon man from a mooniverse. That site's mooniverse might be different from another site's mooniverse. A mooniverse also houses some versions of other Moon man related characters (such as Charles Moonington and Sun Man).

Fowdersoap made a site about it

Who is the leader of the Moon Crew

Moon man is the eternal and undisputed leader of the Moon Crew. However, he is preoccupied with his activities and does not have a YTMND account, so he put me, farkkkle, in charge of most of the managerial duties of the Moon Crew.

Why do some of the Crew members have a different username than their YTMND username?

Some Crew members wanted their Crew name to be different than their YTMND persona, however usually their username differs because Max banned one or more of their YTMND accounts. On YTMND I was originally known as "farkle", but then I was banned, so I made the new account "farkkkle" and when the forum was started I used that name as my first forum username. However, my "farkkkle" YTMND account was banned sometime after the forum's opening. So, since my "farkkkle" account on YTMND was deleted, I re-registered under my original name "farkle".

Wait I can get banned for being in the Moon Crew

Probably not. As long as your Moon man sites are marked NSFW, then you will not attract the eye of Max. Those bans I mentioned in the last answer happened at a very different time in YTMND's history.

Who is this Max character?

Max is the evil jewish overlord of YTMND. Max cares little for the site, but refuses to let Moon Man take his rightful place as king of YTMND. Max is also a chronic alcoholic who binges on Grey Goose almost every day. His hobbies include counting his pennies, stealing candy from Aryan babies, neglecting websites, and making horrible YTMNDs.

Why do some YTMNDers still follow Max?

Because they are fools.

What is an Associate Crewman?

An Associate Crewman is someone who is not a full member of the Moon Crew, but still receives some aid from the Moon Crew. These Associates usually received their status through voting 5 on many Moon man sites, making a few really awesome Moon Man sites, or otherwise supporting Moon man and the Crew. Occasionally, we have some YTMNDers who want to support the Crew but don't want to become a full member for whatever reason. Those people usually end up as Associate Crewman.

So why should I become a full Crewman if an Associate Crewman title is available?

For starters, it is usually much easier to just become a full Crew member. All you must do is make 5 Moon man sites and send their links to me. Becoming an Associate Crewman usually takes much longer since there is no clear way of becoming one. Some YTMNDers became an Associate because they 5'd many Moon man sites, others because they regularly contribute on our forum. Also, Full Crewmen are treated a tier above Associates, as such Full Crewman have more say in the Moon Crew's actions. An Associate Crewman is still an awesome thing to become, but becoming a Full Crewman is just so much more rewarding.

If I become an Associate Crewman can I still become a full Crewman later on?

Of course. As a matter of fact many of our full Crew members were Associates at one point or another.

Who are the current members of the Moon Crew?

Take a look at the official Moon Crew member list. There is a copy on the forum and the Moon Crew entry on the official YTMND wiki here:

Do I need to friend all my fellow Crew Members on YTMND?

It is not required, but it certainly makes it easier to view and 5 their sites.

Does the Moon Crew have any enemies

Of course, all great organizations have to deal with a few foolish naysayers. Max and his loyalist peasants are probably the largest group of enemies, but there are some independent YTMND users and YTMND trolls who disapprove of us. It helps to mark these people as "enemies" on your YTMND account, as it will make it easier for you to spot them.

Speaking of YTMND trolls, if I am not a Crew member can I still use this forum to coordinate my YTMND-trolling activities?

Absolutely. In fact, we even encourage it. Our forum is home to many famous YTMND trolls such as JohnnyLurg, Dougfukkie, and pilleater. We of course still encourage you to join the Moon Crew, but if you prefer not to and just desire a place to stay then feel free to make your home.

Who runs this forum?

ThatDude is the webmaster and creator of this forum. Me and Fowdersoap are the admins. Fowdersoap and ThatDude tend to take some time off every now and then, so I usually perform most of the administrative duties.

What is the history of the Moon Crew

The Moon Crew existed unofficially around the time the first Moon Man site was made. We got the name from a site Excrement made which can be viewed here: That site also shows the four original members of the Crew; farkle (me), Fowdersoap, Excrement, and UmfuldReturns.

Who is Umfuld?

Umfuld is a very angry YTMND user and one of the first Moon Crew enemies. He would obsessively 1 and comment on every Moon Man site. We eventually drove him insane and he started to make some Moon Man sites for awhile. At that time, he was a featured user, which meant that every site he made was permanently affixed on a special section of the front page for a short period of time. This prompted Max to dismantle the featured user system and punish Umfuld. Umfuld left YTMND for awhile, was thought to be banned, and a user named UmfuldReturns registered. This UmfuldReturns became involved in the Crew's activities and made some awesome Moon Man sites.

Later, Umfuld returned to YTMND under his original account and confirmed that UmfuldReturns was never actually him. It turns out that Umfuld was never banned from YTMND, but was instead just scolded by Max. UmfuldReturns disappeared shortly after and his true identity remains a mystery. Umfuld, however, continues to wander around YTMND, writing crazy rants about Moon Man and the voting system. He is considered a lunatic by most, if not all, of YTMND.

I want to make a Moon man site, where do I start?

If you are really at a loss, then visit the Moon Man site creation help thread. You have to be registered to see it though.

How do I register on this forum

Click the register button and follow the instructions. You do not need to use your "real" email address, but it helps that you use one that you could check occasionally. 10MinuteMail-type emails are not recommended, as they lack the aforementioned ability to be checked after long periods of time. In most cases if an admin needs to contact you, they will use our forum's pm system. However, having a long-lasting email address will help you in case you ever lose your password.

Where can I keep up to date on Moon Crew announcements and business?

Most important topics are posted in the "Shouting real loud in your fucking ear" forum section.

Why do you guys always chant kkk?

Because it is awesome and Moon man does it. Usually those two qualities go together. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
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Moon Crew Offical FAQ (Must read)
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